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No. 57 Check Valve O-Rings for Coleman Camping Lanterns and Stoves

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10 brand new Basnett's No. 57 Check Valve O-Rings for gasoline and kerosene pressure lanterns.(1 pack of 10 o-rings)

These fit: Late model Coleman lanterns that come with a small o-ring under the check valve. This o-ring helps seal the check valve threads and is a part that is often lost or destroyed when the check valve is removed. Replace this often overlooked seal with a heavy-duty, high-quality replacement sea. 

Don't be caught with a lantern that won't light, or a camp stove that won't heat your coffee. Buy your parts at Basnett's and know that your gear is going to work before you go. Complete installation instructions are available. Basnett's parts are made of the finest materials and are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding outdoorsman. If you are ever unhappy with any E.J. Basnett Company™ parts we will cheerfully refund your money. See shipping information for shipping costs. We will gladly combine shipping to save you money. 

Don't let your next camping trip be ruined by lanterns that wont light and stoves that wont heat your coffee- Buy a set of Basnett's seals and keep them with your camping gear. Basnett's seals are "Guaranteed Tough Under Pressure."™

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