Coleman 200a Single Mantle Lantern Model Information and Parts Diagram

Introduced in 1952, the Coleman 200a was the successor to the Coleman 200 which was produced in 1950 and 1951. Over the years Coleman produced several variations of the Coleman 200a. 1953 saw the Coleman 200a wearing a black steel globe base rest, likely as the result of material shortages caused by the Korean war.

After 1953, a polished aluminum globe base rest became standard fare until the 1970s when globe base rests printed with lighting and safety instructions were introduced. Among the many variations seen over the years was the use of "burgundy" paint in 1960, the change from the "tall vent" to the "short vent" in 1963, and periodic changes in the tank decals.

Models built after about 1970 used the Coleman one-piece 220C1401 fuel cap in place of the older, three-piece, 220B1401 fuel cap. Coleman produced several large-fuel-tank 200a variants for Sears in the then-signature, Sears red and black, robins egg blue, and pea green color schemes. There was even a yellow or "gold"  Coleman 200a produced for the Gold Bond Company as a promotional giveaway item.

The Coleman 200a was produced until 1983 and in its final three years of production, was painted the same shade of green as other Coleman lanterns.

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